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My friend Shellie is a writer and a knitter with a blog about her endeavors in both categories.  She wrote a great blog about frogging a while back that I thought would translate into a comic.  I myself have knitted quite a few scarves, hats, and mittens when I lived in a cold climate, so I can relate to her frustrations and ideals about knitting.  (Nowadays I crochet more than knit)  The comic is basically word for word Shellie's story, but she had a neat relation of frogging to writing.  Definitely worth a read.  I stuck strictly to the knitting aspect of frogging (as I can relate to that).  I liked the idea of making a heavily paneled comic, and this story seemed a good opportunity.  Enjoy.


I love this! I crochet and hope to learn how to knit soon!
frogging has been a hard thing for me to accept, I hope to reach that level of acceptance :)

I've been reading your A Life In Scribbles Blog and love it and realized you have a livejournal and had to check it out :D
Thanks so much! I've been kind of delinquent on the Life In Scribbles comic lately due to how busy I've been. Glad to know I haven't completely alienated anyone, hehe. I hoped to post more to my LiveJournal, but I am terrible at updating it.

Good luck learning to knit. I find that the basic stitches are easy, but I have had a terrible time trying to expand to more complex patterns. Crocheting is the way for me, it makes more sense to me. (And I never liked frogging, but I have recently learned to accept it).

November 2010

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